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Weepling is a channel for creation by Amber Strickland. The word was birthed to illustrate a story, vision, and feeling -

encapsulating deep emotion and fae magick in one title.

Born in a small New England town, I grew up in exploration of the vast, golden fields and age-old wood. There, with hands sticky from tree sap and feet sunk in tender moss, a passion and wonderment for the majesty in the natural world flourished.

I made my first Lepidoptera display in my early teenage years and followed this passion through my adolescence until it lead me to the position of animal caretaker and educator in a conservatory housing a vast variety of species of butterflies and moths, in addition to an array of other insects, reptiles, fish, and birds. 

Most of the creatures you see adorned and framed here are ones I personally helped raise and care for during the duration of their lives.

It was an absolute privilege to exist alongside them in this world of metamorphosis, of life, and of death.

All that is depicted here is a totem of utmost

respect and love for that world.

Cruelty-Free Pledge

No animal is ever harmed for my work. All specimens are naturally sourced or ethically sourced from the previously mentioned conservatory in which I worked. All specimens are sourced post-mortem and have died from natural causes. I only hold love and respect for these creatures and do not condone cruelty against any animal for the sake of art or any other form of human gain.

(Portrait image by Courtney Brooke Hall)
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